Bob Rink - photographing wonderful people, special events and amazing places around the world

Having photographed people from all walks of life for the city of Phoenix, Arizona for over 25 years as the official photographer, Bob Rink currently specializes in portraits and the special occasions in people's lives.

With a camera never far from his hand, Bob Rink has traveled much of the world. Bob photographs high-profile personalities from Barry Goldwater to Barack Obama—as well as the every day events that give meaning to our lives. Bob regularly photographs many activities in a person's life, from formal business portraits, to family gatherings, awards banquets, weddings and anniversary celebrations.

As chairman and associate of the international photo exchange group,
Through Each Other’s Eyes, he uses his camera to nurture cultural understanding. Bob has photographed in Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Italy, China, the Philippines, and Czech Republic. He continues to capture the faces that identify cultures around the world, while opening doors for others to do the same.

Bob’s passion is backed by talent that has landed his photographs in the
The Boston Globe, Arizona Highways, Sunset Magazine, the Pueblo Grande Museum, and numerous major newspapers and magazines around the country. He has exhibited in Fototeca, Havana Cuba. Bob and his sister Kathrine Callingham, launched an international photo exhibit and festival that opens every year in the Alamos History Museum in Sonora, Mexico, and tours that state and Arizona.